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What Can Represent The Future Trend Of The Intelligent Transportation?

Jan 10, 2017

Since its concept was born, giving intelligent transport concepts, new energy vehicles, unmanned, intelligent bike was not poor, but for real, intelligent transportation, this product does not address, the traffic jams, safe driving demand, the essence of which is the development of intelligent traffic lag and contradictions of overheating of the hardware.

Take a look at the events that occurred in the area of intelligent traffic in recent days.

April 1, 2016-electric smart cars-global industry leader and pioneer of the Tesla company in 11:30 A.M. in Beijing publish Model 3. And Tesla's most populist of all models, priced at only $35,000.

April 20, 2016-depending on the spring fashion show, presented as supercar LeSee, and drone function shown in the field.

Creating raised a record April 21, 2016-cow calf electric power launches its latest technology product M1

April 26, 2016-riding beast SPEEDX refresh released March East Beijing audience to raise bicycle products back on the record, also set a new bike related products recorded on Kickstarter, final amount raised reached 231. They're 90,000 dollars