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The Fiber Attenuator Has Good Stability

Oct 27, 2017

Fiber Optic Attenuator It is an optical passive device for optical communication systems which debug optical power performance, debug fiber optic instrument calibration correction, Fiber Optic Attenuator fiber signal attenuation. Fiber optic attenuator production materials are doped with metal ions in the attenuation of optical fiber, so you can adjust the optical power to the extent required.

Fiber attenuator is in accordance with the needs of users, the optical signal can be controlled attenuation. Mainly used in the optical communication line system assessment, Fiber Optic Attenuator research and adjustment and correction and so on

The use of fiber attenuators

The fiber attenuator test system has the characteristics of high attenuation precision, low loss and good stability.

Mainly used in: optical fiber communication system; fiber CATV; Fiber Optic Attenuator high power optical device measurement;

For the attenuation of the input optical power, to avoid the input optical power caused by the super-optical receiver distortion.

Optical attenuator is a very important fiber optic passive device which is developed with the development of optical communication industry. Optical fiber attenuator is an optical device which can reduce the energy of optical signal. For the attenuation of the input optical power, to avoid the input power is too strong and make the optical receiver distortion.

Fiber attenuator is mainly used in: optical fiber communication network, Fiber Optic Attenuator light data network, fiber CATV network.

Fiber attenuator test system features: high attenuation accuracy, additional loss is low, good stability.

Fiber optic attenuator production principle: (1) air isolation technology: light transmission in the fiber by the total reflection of the law constraints, can not be scattered out to maintain the strength of the relatively stable. And once it is separated from the fiber, in the fiber and fiber to join the air between the interval, Fiber Optic Attenuator the light will be scattered out, causing light attenuation. (2) displacement dislocation technology: This method is two fiber core of the micro-shift misalignment, so as to achieve the effect of power loss. (3) attenuation of fiber technology: According to the metal ions on the absorption of light, developed by the metal ions to reduce the attenuation of fiber will be attenuated fiber into the ceramic ferrule, after a special process, Fiber Optic Attenuator can be made of yin and yang fixed attenuator. (4) absorption of glass: the optical polishing of the neutral absorption of glass can also be applied to the production of optical attenuator.

Optical fiber attenuator classification: (1) adjustable fiber attenuator: adjustable optical attenuator (VOA) in optical communication has a wide range of applications, its main function is to reduce or control the optical signal. We have introduced a new type of continuously adjustable, large attenuation coefficient of laser energy attenuator. The device is not only simple structure, less components, small size, Fiber Optic Attenuator and easy to produce, low cost, and easy to integrate with other devices. (2) fixed fiber attenuator: fixed optical attenuator for fiber optic systems may use a variety of functional principles. (AP / SC / FC / ST / MU), PC, UPC or APC Grinding (APC optional cone or Multi-mode 850um or dual wavelength, with dust cap, yin and yang type fiber attenuator Features: metal-doped attenuation of fiber to achieve Decay effect, high power resistance, light weight, small size, high precision, good stability, a variety of forms, easy to use; the last point is the application of optical fiber attenuator: optical patch panels, Fiber Optic Attenuator fiber network systems, high-speed optical fiber transmission System, cable television (CATV) system, long distance trunk dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) system, optical add / drop multiplexer (OADM).