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Superior Performance Of Fiber Optic Adapters

Aug 21, 2017

Fiber Optic adapter is a kind of passive device used in fiber optic connector plugs, which plays a very important role in the optical fiber communication system.

Fiber Optic adapter, also known as fiber coupler, fiber optic flange, different places called. It is mainly in the optical fiber exposure to implement the same or different optical fiber connector docking, Fiber Optic Adapter so that it in a few losses under the light path smooth. It can connect the two sections of the optical fiber precisely so that the optical energy emitted from the transmitting fiber can be coupled to the receiving fiber maximally, Fiber Optic Adapter minimizing the impact on the system due to its interference in the optical link. Suitable for telecommunication communication system, limited TV network, LAN, optical area network, FTTH optical fiber, video transmission, test instrument

Fiber Optic adapter is a kind of optical fiber connector which can be plugged into different interface types at both ends, because of the rapid development of optical fiber industry, Fiber Optic Adapter its application scope is more and more extensive. Because of its outstanding performance, stable and reliable characteristics, so the current fiber optic adapter is mainly used in optical fiber configuration, optical communication equipment, instrumentation and so on.

The fiber optic adapter is the world's smallest single core fiber adapter based on the most current SC-type connectors developed by NTT. The connector uses a 1.25MM diameter casing and a self retaining mechanism, Fiber Optic Adapter the advantage of which is the ability to achieve high-density installation. Using Mu's L. 25MM diameter casing, NTT has developed the MU adapter series. They have socket-type adapters for cable connections, backplane adapters with self-maintaining mechanisms, and simplified sockets for connecting LD/PD modules and plugs.

With the rapid development of fiber-optic networks to larger bandwidth direction and the wide application of DWDM technology, the demand for MU-type connectors will also grow rapidly. Fiber Optic Adapter Because the fiber adapter has low insertion loss, good interchangeability and good repeatability, it is favored by people.

Fiber Adapter Main Features

The fiber is connected by an adapter through its internal opening sleeve to ensure maximum connection performance between the fiber jumpers. A variety of fine fixed flanges are designed to be fixed on various panels. Fiber Optic Adapter A transform adapter can connect different types of fiber jumper connectors and provide a connection between the APC end surfaces. Double or multiple connections can increase installation density.