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Performance Index Of Optical Fiber Attenuator

Oct 18, 2017

As a kind of optical passive device, optical fiber attenuator is used for adjusting optical power performance in optical communication system, calibrating calibration of optical fiber instrument and attenuation of fiber signal. The product is made of a decaying fiber with metal ions and can adjust the optical power to the desired level.

Fiber attenuator is generally used in two situations: one is permanently installed in the optical fiber link, used to equalize the power of the optical signal between the optical transmitter and the optical receiver; Fiber Optic Attenuator the other is to test the power of the optical signal, which means that the power of the optical signal is reduced by the light attenuator, and then the power allowance in the optical fiber link is tested.

The working principle of optical fiber attenuator

The attenuation of optical signal can be realized by light absorption, light reflection, light diffusion, light scattering, light deflection, light diffraction and light dispersion, Fiber Optic Attenuator and the optical fiber attenuator generally attenuates the optical signal by absorbing light, and its working principle is similar to the principle of absorbing too much light energy by the sunglasses. Optical fiber attenuator generally does not use the principle of light reflection and light scattering to achieve the attenuation of optical signals, Fiber Optic Attenuator because light reflection can cause echo reflection, and light scattering will form air gap.

Application: Optical fiber communication system, CATV, high-power optical device measurement

With the implementation of the flange, you can use a variety of joint methods. FC, SC, ST, LC Optional. Fiber Optic Attenuator Easy installation and simple structure.

Type attenuation value (db) Precision error (db) operating wavelength echo loss (db)

Flange type Attenuator 1-10≤±0.5db1310nm/1550nm≥50db (PC)

11-30≤±10%db1310nm/1550nm≥55db (UPC)

1310nm/1550nm≥60db (APC)

Performance index of optical fiber attenuator

Parameter Unit Index

Working wavelength NM 1310 or 1550

Echo Loss db≥50

Attenuation amount and accuracy DB 1±0.5, 2±0.5, 3±0.75, 5±0.75 8±0.8, 10±1, 15±1.5, 20±2.0

Input/Output form FC, SC, ST, LC

Temperature range ℃-40~+80

The types of ports can be categorized as follows:

SC Optical attenuator: Applied to the SC fiber interface, it looks very similar to the RJ-45 interface, but the SC interface appears to be more flat, the difference is still the inside of the tablet, if it is 8 fine copper touch piece, it is RJ-45 interface, if is a copper column is SC fiber interface.

LC Fiber Attenuator: Applied to LC Fiber interface, connecting SFP module connector, it is made of modular Jack (RJ) latch mechanism with convenient operation. (commonly used by routers)

FC Fiber Attenuator: Used in FC fiber interface, external strengthening method is the use of metal sets, fastening mode for turnbuckle. Generally used on ODF side (most of the wiring rack)

St Fiber Attenuator: Used in St Fiber interface, often used in fiber optic wiring frame, the shell is circular, fastening mode for turnbuckle. (For 10BASE-F connections, connectors are usually St types.) Used in fiber optic wiring rack)

Use of optical fiber attenuator

1. Optical fiber communication system, optical fiber CATV, high power optical device measurement;

2. For the attenuation of input optical power, Fiber Optic Attenuator the distortion caused by optical receiver is avoided because of the high input power.