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Optical Fiber Adapter With High Dimensional Accuracy

Sep 21, 2017

Fiber optic adapters (also known as flanges), also known as fiber optic connectors, are connected to the components in a fiber-optic active connector pair. Products include: FC. SC. ST. LC. Mtrj. Wide application of optical wiring racks (ODF). Optical fiber communication equipment. Instruments. Fiber Optic Adapter Superior performance, stable and reliable.

The fiber optic adapter comprises a housing, which has a first axial end of the first adapter port and a second axial end of the second adapter port qualified. The fiber adapter also includes the first retention mechanism associated with the first axis to end work and the second holding mechanism associated with the first axis to end work, and the first and second holding bodies are used to keep the first fiber connector in the first adapter port of the fibre adapter.

Fiber Adapter Main Features

The fiber is connected by an adapter through its internal opening sleeve to ensure maximum connection performance between the fiber jumpers. A variety of fine fixed flanges are designed to be fixed on various panels. Fiber Optic Adapter The fibre adapter can connect different types of fiber jumper connectors and provide a connection between the APC end surfaces. Double or multiple connections can increase installation density.

The fiber optic adapter adopts the high hardness (high density) zirconia sleeve with low angle polished phosphor bronze and high-temperature resistance, acid and salty, Fiber Optic Adapter and has good optical properties and high mechanical stability.

Fiber Adapter Features:

High dimensional precision

Low insertion loss

Good repeatability.

Good interchangeability.

Good temperature stability

Fiber Adapter Applications:

Optical Fiber Communication System

Fiber Access Network

Optical fiber Data transmission

Optical fiber CATV

Fiber Optic sensor