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Internet Will Become The Primary Medium

Jan 10, 2017

Marco introduced, IOT may become a major media network attacks, while itself would become the main target of the attack. The next two years, Internet devices will become intrusion control, monitoring, and information systems useful for attack vector. Meanwhile, Marco believes that "unmanned aerial vehicle hijacking" threat into the sky. He expected 2017 vulnerabilities of UAV kit found its way into the dark corners of the Internet. Control of Internet equipment and collecting device data aggregation point will be the main target. Within the next one or two years, attacks on smart home medical equipment and the Internet will continue to increase.

In terms of attack, Marco thinks, machine learning and other cutting-edge technologies are exploited by hackers, cyber attacks will further enhance the destructive power. Machine learning in the fields of education, business and research is becoming increasingly popular, cybercriminals can use machine learning data analysis and user habits. He is expected in 2017, the popularity of machine learning will accelerate and promote the progress of social engineering attacks.

Equine stress, a small number of militants is not in order to gain economic advantage, or disrupt normal operation, just to show their power, which leads to more extreme and unreasonable behavior. Is expected in the next two years, hackers, activists will continue to increase.