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High-speed WiFi This Bait: Why No One To Rob?

Jan 10, 2017

As early as several years ago, a 19 year old boy to sell WiFi thing once widely circulated on a train, he is said to have a rail car into Internet cafes, will earn 500 yuan in half an hour. What is required? This is it.

But since the beginning of last year, the Guangzhou Railway Group, Shenyang railway Bureau, the Kunming railway Bureau has also opened part of the train of free WiFi service. Such as the Harbin railway Bureau 19 major passenger stations and 3,120 WiFi equipment has been installed on the passenger train, with 2,456 trains Wi-Fi device completes the test.

However, the above WiFi trains are trains, high-speed WiFi still hope not to, but the message was never stopped, such as in June this year, China Wi-Fi test cars are high in iron, saying future passengers as long as downloading an APP at the train station, when entering the train will carry the APP automatically jump. Passengers can use a dedicated APP for free Internet access, saying the technology is testing phase, implemented on the next 3-5 years in high-speed rail.