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GrandView: Silicon Photonics Market Us $918.3 Million In 2025

Jan 10, 2017

1/5/2017, the market-research firm Grand View latest report points out that the 2025 global silicon photonics market will reach us $918.3 million. Silicon Photonics market from both the commercial and consumer electronics markets.

Grand View point out that, by 2025, IT and communications applications, especially in high performance computing and data center applications are still the main market for Silicon Photonic. In other applications, in addition to consumer electronics, may also have defence, security, medical and life sciences.

Specific to the field of IT and telecommunications, AOC Active cables, optical multiplexing, Optical Attenuator is Silicon Photonics technology useful opportunities. Optical module will also benefit from the development of Silicon Photonics technology.

In Silicon Photonics technology field, Grand View believe that still dominated the technology development in North America.