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From The Three-pronged Policy, Technology, Application Data Center Development

Jan 10, 2017

Data Center for cloud computing, big data, the Internet and other critical infrastructure industry parties paying more and more attention. In recent years, the State has issued a circular on promoting cloud computing innovation, development of information industry opinions on new formats and many other policy documents. At present, the domestic data center has presented the large-scale, centralized, green and layout reasonable good momentum of development.

2015-2016 according to IDC's latest research report on China's IDC industry development show 2015 IDC continued rapid growth in China, total market size was 51.86 billion yuan, an increase of 39.3%.

Recently, at the 11th China's IDC industry annual ceremony, Huang Yejing, Director of policy standards of the Ministry of information and communication development Division raised a three-point proposal on data center development in China.