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Fiber Optic Connectors Have Multiple Types

Aug 21, 2017

Optical fiber connector is a kind of connector, it is mainly used in optical fiber and optical fiber between the active device, it is the role of the optical fiber two-side docking, can make optical fiber production of optical transmission system performance. Optical connectors are working with the principle of how the fiber Connector works: In order to achieve the connection between the device and the system, Fiber Optic Connector it is necessary to rely on a connection device, which is mainly connected between the optical fiber components. Its function is to be able to make the optical path in accordance with the required channel transmission, in order to meet the predetermined requirements. Fiber Optic Machine It has a certain degree of influence on every performance and reliability of optical transmission system.

The fiber optic connector belongs to a fixed type of connector, it is the most used optical passive electric apparatus in the optical system, the requirement of the connector is the high loss of reflection, Fiber Optic Connector the environment is stable and the mechanical performance is good, Fiber Optic Connector the fiber optic connector is mainly a kind of high loss product, the request on the price is very low.

Fiber optic connectors are widely used in connectors, and many of them realize the connection between different modular devices and systems. Fiber Optic Connector The two-end face of the optical fiber is precisely butted so that the emitted light energy can be received to the maximum extent. Fiber optic connectors Make information more convenient in the transmission line of optical fiber communication.

Fiber optic connector is a removable (active) connection between fiber and fiber. It connects the two terminals of the optical fiber precisely so that the optical energy emitted by the transmitting fiber can be coupled to the receiving fiber maximally, and minimizes the impact of the optical link on the system, which is the basic requirement of the fiber optic connector. To some extent, Fiber Optic Connector optical fiber connectors affect the reliability and performance of optical transmission systems.

When installing any optical fiber system, it is necessary to consider a low loss method to connect the optical fiber or optical cable to achieve the continuation of the optical link. The continuation of optical fiber links can be divided into permanent and active two kinds. The permanent continuation, Fiber Optic Connector mostly uses the Fusion connection method, the bonding method or the fixed connector to realize, the activity's continuation, generally uses the active connector to realize. Many small and medium-size LAN and network edge connections are generally active connections, Fiber Optic Connector while permanent connections are generally done by network companies.

Fiber optic active connectors (referred to as optical fiber connectors), commonly known as live joints, are used to connect two of optical fiber or optical cable to form a continuous optical path can be reused passive devices, is the most recent use of the number of optical passive devices.

Fiber Optic connector function

Through fiber optic connectors, it is possible to connect two fiber or fiber optic cable and related equipment, so it is widely used in optical fiber transmission lines, fiber optic wiring racks, Fiber Optic Connector optical fiber testing instruments and instruments. Although the end of fiber and the production of jumper is very difficult, but the fiber network connection can be easily completed. As long as the connecting device (hub equipment and network card) has a fiber-optic connection interface, you can use a made or purchased fiber soft jumper to connect, Fiber Optic Connector the connection method and twisted pair, network card and hub of the same connection. However, unlike twisted pairs, fiber connectors have many different types, and there is no direct connection between different types of connectors.