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Fiber Optic Adapter With High Dimensional Accuracy

Oct 27, 2017

The fiber optic adapter is a passive device used between fiber optic plugs and plays a vital role in optical fiber communication systems. Fiber optic adapter with no angle polished high retention of phosphor bronze and high temperature, acid and alkali ultra-high hardness (high density) zirconia sleeve, Fiber Optic Adapter with good optical properties and high mechanical stability, FC, FC-D, ST, E2000, MU, LC / PCLC / APC, SC / PC, SC / APC and other models optional.

Fiber optic adapters are widely used in optical patch panels (ODF), Fiber Optic Adapter optical fiber communication equipment, test instruments, stable and reliable performance.

Fiber Optic Adapter Highlights:

Compatibility is good, optical fiber concentricity error is small

Zirconia ceramic or precision phosphor bronze casing

High precision machining dimensions

High reliability, stability

Low insertion loss, high return loss, Fiber Optic Adapter and good interchangeability

Insert the end of the PC, UPC, APC three

Fiber optic adapter performance indicators:

Insertion loss: ≤0.3dB (PC) ≤0.2dB (UPC) <0.2dB (APC) ≤0.3dB (multi-mode)

Return Loss: ≥40dB (PC) ≥50dB (UPC) ≥60dB (APC) ≥35dB (multi-mode)

Interchangeability: ≤ 0.2dB Operating temperature (℃): - 30 - +80

Storage temperature (℃): - 40 - +85

Vibration test: ≤ 0.1dB (10-60Hz, 1.5mm amplitude)

Tensile strength test: ≤ 0.1dB (0-15Hg tension, φ0.9mm fiber except)

Repeatability: ≥1000 times

Industry standard: Bellcore TA-NWT-001209

Fiber Optic Adapter Product Features

· High dimensional accuracy · Low insertion loss · Good reproducibility · Good interchangeability · Good temperature stability

Fiber Optic Adapter Product Application

· Optical fiber communication system · Optical fiber access network · Optical fiber data transmission · Optical fiber CATV · Optical fiber sensor

The fiber optic adapter is a detachable (active) connection between the optical fiber and the optical fiber which precisely engages the two end faces of the optical fiber so that the outgoing light energy of the emitted optical fiber can be coupled to the receiving fiber to the maximum So that the impact of the optical link on the system to minimize the impact, which is the basic requirements of fiber optic adapter. Fiber Optic Adapter To a certain extent, fiber optic adapters also affect the reliability and performance of optical transmission systems.

Fiber optic adapter according to the different transmission medium can be divided into common silicon-based fiber single-mode, multi-mode connector, there are other, such as plastic as the transmission medium of the fiber adapter; according to the form of connector structure can be divided into: FC, SC , ST, LC, D4, DIN, MU, MT, and so on. Among them, ST connectors are usually used for wiring equipment, such as fiber patch panels, fiber optic modules, etc .; and SC and MT connectors are usually used for network equipment. According to the shape of the fiber end points are FC, PC (including SPC or UPC) and APC; according to the number of optical fiber is divided into single and multi-core (such as MT-RJ) points. Fiber optic adapters are widely used and varied. In the actual application process, Fiber Optic Adapter they are generally in accordance with the different fiber optic adapter structure to be distinguished.