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Fiber Optic Adapter Performance Superior, Stable And Reliable

May 15, 2017

Fiber optic adapter (also known as the flange), also known as fiber optic connector. Widely used in fiber optic patch panel (ODF), optical fiber communications equipment, equipment, superior performance, stable and reliable.

(SFF LC, SFF MU, SFF E-2000 and other SFF), multi-channel / multi-fiber (SFF), multi-channel fiber (MT-RJ, VF-45 and other SFF duplex), multi-channel / multi-fiber MT, multi-channel / multi-fiber Escon, multi-channel / multi-fiber FDDI (fiber distribution data interface) and other Channel / multi-fiber adapter. The following are the same as the "

Fiber optic adapters are the most widely used optical passive devices in optical fiber communication systems. Most fiber connectors are made up of three parts: two fiber connectors and one coupler. Two fiber optic connectors are fitted into the ends of the two fibers; the coupler acts as an alignment sleeve. In addition, the coupler is equipped with metal or non-metallic flange, so that the connector is fixed.

Product Features:

High reliability

Round, square, diamond

Core end face PC, UPC, APC

A variety of interface methods FC, SC, ST, LC and so on

The main purpose:

Optical fiber communication system

Limited television network

Local area network, optical network

Fiber to the home (FTTP)

Video transmission

test instrument


1, insertion loss is low, each pass through an adapter connection loss less than 0.2db

2, good interchangeability

3, good repeatability


1, optical fiber communication system

2, cable television network

3, LAN, optical network

4, fiber to the home (FTTP)

5, video transmission

6, test equipment

Key Features: The fiber is connected by an adapter through its internal open bushing to ensure maximum connection performance Fiber Optic Adapter between fiber jumpers. In order to be fixed on a variety of panels, also designed a variety of fine fixed flange.

Fiber Optic Adapter Transformer adapters can be connected to different types of fiber jumper interfaces and provide connections between APC end faces. Double or multiple can increase mounting density.