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Fiber Optic Adapter Performance Superior

Aug 10, 2017

Fiber optic adapter (also known as the flange), also known as fiber optic connector. Widely used in fiber optic patch panel (ODF), Fiber Optic Adapter optical fiber communications equipment, equipment, superior performance, stable and reliable.

Fiber optic adapter types are: SC, FC, ST, LC, MTRJ, E2000 and so on.

Key Features of Fiber Optic Adapters

The fibers are connected by adapters through their internal open bushings to ensure the highest connection performance between fiber jumpers. In order to be fixed on a variety of panels, Fiber Optic Adapter also designed a variety of fine fixed flange. Transformer adapters can be connected to different types of fiber jumper interfaces and provide connections between APC end faces. Fiber Optic Adapter Double or multiple can increase mounting density.

Fiber optic adapter is a two-terminal plug-in interface can be inserted into different types of fiber optic connectors, due to the rapid development of fiber industry, so its scope of application more and more widely. Because of its superior performance, stable and reliable features, Fiber Optic Adapter so the current MU fiber optic adapter is mainly used in fiber optic configuration line frame, optical fiber communications equipment, equipment and so on.

Fiber optic adapters are based on the currently used SC-type connectors, the world's smallest single-core fiber adapter developed by NTT. The connector uses a 1.25 mm diameter sleeve and self-retaining mechanism, Fiber Optic Adapter which has the advantage of being able to achieve high-density mounting. With MU's L.25MM diameter sleeves, NTT has developed the MU adapter family. They have socket adapters for fiber optic cables, backplane adapters with self-retaining mechanisms, and simplified sockets for connecting LD / PD modules and plugs.

With the rapid development of fiber-optic networks to larger bandwidth and larger capacity, and the widespread use of DWDM technology, the demand for MU-type connectors will grow rapidly. Fiber Optic Adapter But also because the fiber optic adapter with low insertion loss, good interchangeability, good repeatability, so it has been favored by the people.