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Fiber Attenuator Stability

Jul 05, 2017

Definition of fiber attenuator: As an optical passive device for debugging optical power performance in optical communication systems, calibration of fiber optic instrument calibration, optical fiber signal attenuation.

Fiber optic attenuator according to the type of port can be divided into the following categories:

SC fiber attenuator: used in SC fiber interface, Fiber Optic Attenuator it looks very similar with the RJ-45 interface, but the SC interface is more flat, the obvious difference is inside the contact, if it is 8 fine copper contacts, then Is RJ-45 interface, if it is a copper column is SC fiber interface.

LC fiber attenuator: used in LC fiber interface, Fiber Optic Attenuator connected to the SFP module connector, which uses a convenient modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism made. (Commonly used by routers)

FC fiber attenuator: used in FC fiber interface, external reinforcement is the use of metal sets, fastening for the screw buckle. Generally used in the ODF side (the most used on the patch panel)

ST fiber attenuator: used in ST fiber interface, commonly used in fiber patch panels, Fiber Optic Attenuator shell was round, fastening way for the screw buckle. (For 10Base-F connections, the connector is usually of type ST. Commonly used in fiber patch panels)

Other categories of fiber attenuators

The on-line optical attenuator is a precision device that provides a certain amount of attenuation depending on the engineering requirements. The product is used for a variety of optical fiber transmission lines, a predetermined amount of light intensity attenuation. The product also has two types: high return loss type FC SC ST plug socket structure, high return loss type on-line cable structure.

Applications: optical fiber communication network, Fiber Optic Attenuator optical fiber data network, optical CATV network, optical fiber test system

Features: high attenuation accuracy, additional loss is low, good stability, adjustable fiber attenuator

Uses: optical fiber communication system, fiber CATV, high power optical device measurement purposes: optical fiber communication system, fiber CATV, high power optical device measurement

Use the flange to achieve the way, you can use a variety of joints. FC, SC, ST, LC optional. Easy to install, simple structure. A male-to-female device for different connector designs (LC / SC / FC / ST / MU)

PC, UPC or APC Grinding (APC optional tapered or stepped ferrule)

Attenuation value: 1 ~ 30dB

Wavelength: single mode 1310um, 1550um; or dual wavelength; Fiber Optic Attenuator multimode 850um or dual wavelength

With dust cap

Yin and yang type fiber attenuator characteristics

Doped metal ions to attenuate the fiber to achieve the attenuation effect

Resistant high power light source

Light weight, small size, high precision, good stability, a variety of forms, easy to use;

(CATV) system, long-distance trunk-intensive wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) system, optical add / drop multiplexer (OADM), optical fiber optic cable system, high-speed optical fiber transmission system, The