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Fiber Optic Adapter Long Life, Easy To Maintain

Jun 08, 2017

Fiber optic adapter (also known as the flange), also known as fiber optic connectors. It is a fiber-optic connector for connecting parts. In the form of coupling, there are two kinds of successively (straight-through) and conversion. Widely used in optical patch panel (ODF). Optical fiber communication equipment. Superior performance, Fiber Optic Adapter stable and reliable. Widely used in fiber optic patch panel (ODF), optical fiber communications equipment, equipment, superior performance, stable and reliable.

(SFF LC, SFF MU, SFF E-2000 and other SFF), multi-channel / multi-fiber (SFF), multi-channel fiber (MT-RJ, VF-45 and other SFF duplex), multi-channel / multi-fiber MT, multi-channel / multi-fiber Escon, multi-channel / multi-fiber FDDI (fiber distribution data interface) and other Channel / multi-fiber adapter. Fiber Optic Adapter The following are the same as the "

Fiber Optic Adapter Features:

1, insertion loss is low, each pass through an adapter connection loss less than 0.2db

2, good interchangeability

3, good repeatability


1, optical fiber communication system

2, cable television network

3, LAN, optical network

4, fiber to the home (FTTP)

5, video transmission

6, test equipment

Fiber optic adapter performance indicators:

Insertion loss: ≤ 0.2dB

Return loss: ≥40 dB

Interchangeability: ≤ 0.2dB

Fiber optic adapter is simple, stable and reliable, long life, easy to maintain, the price is very low. Responsible for connecting equipment and systems, so that the light path can be transmitted according to the required channel to complete the intended purpose, and can be disconnected at any time. Fiber Optic Adapter The fiber optic connector can precisely couple the two end faces of the fiber so that the light energy output from the emitted fiber can be coupled to the receiving fiber to a certain extent, and the fiber optic connector also affects the reliability of the optical transmission system and the Performance. There are various forms of fiber optic connectors, generally used in the EPON network connector for the APC connector, APC's face was ground into an 8 degree angle, the purpose is to reduce the reflection of its industry standard return loss of -60dB The The APC connector has an accurate, Fiber Optic Adapter predetermined angle, a predetermined radius and a pre-polished sleeve that provides superior performance and can be used with a compact pushbutton configuration with NTT-FC standard or no such standard.

Depending on the scope and requirements of the fiber optic adapter application, the fiber adapter also features a variety of fine fixed flanges for connecting to different panels. The adapter fiber adapter can be connected to different types of fiber jumper connectors and provide different The connection between the sections, Fiber Optic Adapter double or multiple can increase the installation density. According to the external structure and docking different, fiber optic adapter can be divided into the following common types: FC, SC, ST, LC, FC-SC, FC-ST, ST-SC, in addition to some Fiber adapter.