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2018 5G Development And Test Work In China

Jan 10, 2017

27th Beijing network news, the State Council issued the "Thirteen-Five" national information plan, target by 2018, 5G networks technology development and testing efforts. Accelerated 5G technology and industrialization, accelerating the construction and integration of next generation network, promoting the next generation Internet business processes, strengthening network security in the future, actively prevent future cyber security risks. Planning, pointed out that by 2018, should face "along the way" along and around the State provision of basic services by 2020, made up of 35 satellites built compass global navigation satellite system, providing services to users worldwide. Strengthening core technology breakthrough of the Big Dipper, accelerate the industrialization process of the Big Dipper.

Service building "along the way" initiative, implementation of the integrated service satellite navigation industry internationalization development project, accelerating the construction of overseas Beidou satellite navigation and ground augmentation systems, advancing the Big Dipper in the Asia-Pacific regional base station and location service platform construction, speed up the establishment of International Union of industrial technology and patent pools.