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2017 Virtual Operation Industry Outlook: Profits Of Scale Appear

Jan 10, 2017

At present widely in the industry "pilot licence" and "licence" is only common sense to the spoken language, the official scientific name should be "telecommunications business license." Management of the telecommunications business license has been held on February 4, 2009 of People's Republic of China industry and information technology Ministry adopted at the sixth Ministerial meeting, come into force on April 10, 2009.

Sixth in the telecommunications business license management measures article eighth of virtual operators apply for value-added telecom service license entry details. Among them, in addition to the qualification of enterprise, registered capital, professionals have a clear requirement, also on the credibility or capability of the enterprise to provide long service, business development, implementation plans, technical solutions, information security, company reputation, prove that such strict requirements. If a section does not comply with the requirements of the telecommunications business license cannot be obtained.

Issued by the Ministry of pilot objectives mentioned in the pilot programme to assess, private capital, leading mobile resale business to achieve a smooth start, promoting market competition, promote service innovation, more choices for consumers, for the next stage of development has made useful exploration, said pilot achieved the expected goals. In addition, as known as "the most tight registration system" introduction of virtual operators tend to 100% the real name registration rate also laid the foundations for a full licence issued.

After all, private companies, unable to get a full licence will not be easily poured, in enterprise architecture configuration also does not fully cover; for consumers, full licence is yet for its real identity MVNO brands also led to doubts, fearing that their use of brand to get a full licence so as to stop the service. Therefore, I think a virtual operator after a 3-year pilot period, starts in 2017 for full licence issued.