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Work principle of optical fiber attenuation

Jan 10, 2017

Optical fiber transmission is restricted by total reflection, not scattered, maintain the strength of relative stability. But once away from the fiber, and joined the air space between the optical fiber and optical fiber, light will be scattered, causing the attenuation of light. Light incident from ordinary fiber scattering is very strong in the air, through the attenuation control certain areas, make sure that the isolation distance and keep both ends of fiber alignment. Through this principle can create flange fixed attenuator and variable attenuator. Flange type fix attenuator isolation attenuation, produced according to curve a certain thickness of attenuation, attenuation chip implanted in the flange, you can play the role of fixed optical attenuation. Flange-type variable Optical Attenuator using mechanical rotation principle, by mechanical turn adjusting the distance between the two ends? the light attenuation between 0~30dB.

2, the displacement offset technology, this method is to trace the 2 fiber core translation wrong, so as to achieve the effect of power loss.

By using ordinary fiber, used welding machines to 2 pigtail fiber-core for welding work in the case of dislocation, light loss occurs during the transfer process, get connector fixed attenuator, also known as online fixed attenuator.