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Structure of optical fiber connector

Jan 10, 2017
Optical fiber connector's primary purpose is to realize the connection. Is now widely used in optical fiber communication system in the fiber optic connectors, their variety and different structures. But closer inspection, the basic structure of all types of optical fiber connectors are the same, that is, most of the optical fiber connectors with high precision components (tube by two pins and a coupling consists of three parts) to achieve alignment of the optical fiber connection.

This is into the cable and fixing pins and PIN surface polished, implemented in a pipe coupling alignment. Outside the pin of the component made of metal or non-metallic materials. Butt end of the pins must be grinding and processing, usually in bending limits members to support at the other end fiber or fibre flexible cable to release the stress. Coupling pipes are generally made of ceramic, and bronze in half with materials such as synthetic, fastening cylinder components made of, equipped with metal or plastic flange, so that the fixed connector. As accurately as possible at the fiber optics, precision machining of the coupling pin and tube is high.