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MU connector description

Nov 28, 2017

MU connector description


The MU connector is the world's smallest single-core optical fiber connector developed by NTT based on the currently used SC type connector. The connector uses a 1.25mm diameter sleeve and self-retaining mechanism, the advantage is that it can achieve high-density installation. MU-type fiber optic connectors are designed to meet customer-to-connector miniature single-core fiber optic connectors. It compresses the space required for panels, panels and enclosures throughout the network, leaving only half the space of traditional ST and SC connectors. Is a new type of connector widely used in optical distribution frames.

NTT has developed the MU connector family with MU's l.25mm diameter bushings. They are socket type connectors (MU-A series) for optical cable connections; optical transmission equipment motherboard connectors (MU-B series) and simplified sockets (MU-SR series) with self-holding mechanism.

Demand for MU-type connectors will also grow rapidly as fiber-optic networks become more capable of larger bandwidths and DWDM technologies are widely used.

MU-type fiber optic connector product features: Small size, high wiring density, 1.25mm ceramic ferrule, low insertion loss, high return loss. It is mainly used in telecommunications and data communications, LANs, WANs, optical fiber CATV, optical fiber sensing systems, measurement equipment, optoelectronics.