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MPO / MTP fiber loopback

Jan 15, 2018

MPO / MTP fiber loopback



MPO / MTP fiber optic loop backer is used for parallel connection testing and optical communication equipment aging test device, to achieve the test segment optical network signal back to the receiver from the transmitter to form the optical signal transceiver loop. MPO / MTP fiber optic loop provides a fast and efficient way to test optical network equipment transmission capacity and receiver sensitivity.


There are 2-core MTRJ, 8-core, 12-core and 24-core MPO / MTP circuit breakers

Can customize the length and polarity of various structures

Optional single mode or multimode fiber

3. Application

Optical network equipment self-test

Network diagnosis and testing

Storage storage area network applications

4. Performance parameters

Insertion loss: according to the actual requirements

Use environment: -40 to + 80 °

5. Assembly drawings


F1  to  F12

F2  to  F11

F3  to  F10

F4  to  F9

F5&F8 empty

F6&F7 empty


F1  to  F13

F7  to  F19

F2  to  F14

F8  to  F20

F3  to  F15

F9  to  F21

F4  to  F16

F10  to  F22

F5  to  F17

F11  to  F23

F6  to  F18

F12  to  F24