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LC - fiber optic connector type

Nov 27, 2017

LC - fiber optic connector type

LC type connector is a kind of optical fiber connector, because the appearance of size only half of SC / ST / FC connector, it is a small connector type (SFF). LC connector is widely used in integrated wiring system engineering.

The LC connector is a type of fiber optic connector developed by the renowned Bell Institute and is manufactured using an easy-to-use modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism. The pins and sleeves used are half the size of normal SC, FC, etc. and are 1.25mm. This will increase the density of fiber optic connectors in fiber distribution frames. At present, in the single-mode SFF, LC type of connector has actually occupied the dominant position, in the multi-mode applications are also growing rapidly.

LC connector type has been adopted by the IEC standard, the relevant standard number is: IEC 61754-20