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Department of Finance issued conditions of promoting healthy development of the robotics industry Ministry issued industry standards

Jan 10, 2017

All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, separately listed cities, Xinjiang production and construction Corps of industry and information technology departments, development and Reform Commission, Bureau of quality and technical supervision (market supervision and management departments), with the entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau directly under:

For achieved robot industry development planning (2016-2020) proposed of the task and target, for in recent years the place development robot industry appeared of industry low repeat construction, high-end industry low-end of, heavy investment introduction funding, and light independent innovation, heavy host assembled production, and light key parts manufacturing, heavy front interests, and light long-term development, problem, Guide China robot industry coordination health development, now on about matters notification following:

First, promote the rational development of the robot industry. All local, all enterprises in accordance with the "made in China" 2025 "provincial and municipal implementation guide (2016) requirements, combining local, business, technology, talents and characteristics of demand for industrial transformation and upgrading, according to local conditions, scientific planning and reasonable way determining the development of the industry and size. Guide enterprises to strengthen the robot market segment research, rational development and differentiation robots and avoid rushing headlong into mass action, redundant. Resources focus on guiding the enterprises to the robotic, and concentrating limited resources attacking weaknesses. Foster leading enterprises to protect your business investment in research and development activity, and increase capacity for sustainable development.